Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

Do you want to set up your tent immediately without wasting a lot of time? This exactly why the instant tents were made for.

We are introducing CORE 9 person instant cabin tent review to let you know more about a comfortable, easy set-up, and affordable tent.

What Does CORE 9 Tent Offer?

core instant cabin

Core 9 person instant cabin tent for a family tent is a large tent with a preassembled frame, it offers a lot of features that we will discuss.

Easy To Use:

  • Self Supported: It can stand by itself as it has a preassembled frame and walls, you can set it up anywhere and on any terrain.
    You don’t have to attach it tightly to the ground as it can support itself, but it’s recommended to do so, for more safety.
  • Fast Setup: Users can set this tent up in less than a minute because the frame is already assembled and the poles of the walls are untied with the body of the tent.
    These poles can be extended in a way similar to the telescope. This means users should extend the poles until they hear a low crackle (do this to each pole).
    After extending the 6 poles, the tent will be ready to be used.

Very Effective:

  • Two Rooms: CORE 9 person instant cabin tent consists of 2 rooms.
    This design makes the tent very effective if you are camping with your family, or if a group of males and females are camping together.
  • Hybrid Tent: this tent can be considered as a hybrid tent as its body wall consists of only one layer, but it has two layers at the roof (the 2nd one is the rainfly).
  • Cabin Tent: this is already in its name, which means the poles will be almost vertical after establishing the tent on the ground.
    The roof is high too, so you will be able to walk comfortably in the tent.

What Are The Features Of This Tent?

core instant tent

This tent can be used any time throughout the year, as it’s designed to tolerate the bad weather such as rains and winds, this means that if you are camping in calm weather, then this tent will be more than perfect.

It’s a large-sized tent and can be suitable for a family or a group of 9 friends.

The unfolded tent size is 48 x 11.5 x 11.5 inches, you can put it into your car until you reach your destination.

With the weight of 30.5 lbs (about 13.83 kg), this means that you can easily carry the tent from the car to the place where you are going to set it up.

The floor size is 14’ x 9’ (equals 4.27 x 2.74 meters), and you can use the internal wall to divide the tent into two rooms.

With such floor size, a group of 9 people can sleep in the tent comfortably, but it’s recommended to take only about 5 to 6 people with you every time you go camping as you will need some space to put your gears.

There is a power plug in the wall, people can make use of it in different ways and you can close it whenever you don’t need it.

The rainfly can cover the whole tent to prevent the rains from getting inside, you can attach it to the ground using the provided stakes and make sure you attached them tightly if you are facing winds too.

You can find some pockets attached to the wall from inside, they can be used to put your mobile in while sleeping.

Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review Concerning Waterproofing?

core tent reviews

CORE 9 person instant cabin tent comes with H2O technology. The tent is made of some fabrics that expel the water. In addition, the window and the door seams are waterproofed, that’s why this tent is the perfect choice for campers in rainy or snowing weather.

What Shall I Do In Warm Weather? All you have to do is removing the rainfly, this will allow the air to flow into the tent through the mesh of the window and the roof.

  • You can set it up and break it down very quickly.
  • It has a power plug.
  • Very large and can handle around 9 persons.
  • Without the rainfly, you can see the sky from inside.
  • It’s sold at an affordable price.
  • Some people consider it a bit heavy.
  • It has no vestibule.


Going to the wildness without a perfect tent can totally ruin your holiday, so, after reading this core 9 person instant cabin tent review, you can decide whether it’s a great choice or not.

In Rainy Weather, Which Tent Would Be The Best? Tell Us Your Opinions In The Comments!

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