CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

If you need a comfortable tent with a medium capacity that would contain you and your family or friends, you came to the right place.

In this article, we introduce the CORE 6 person instant cabin tent review, one of the best medium-sized tents with a lot of features that will amaze you.

What Does CORE 9 Tent Offer?

core 6 person instant cabin tent review

This tent is made of 68D polyester which has 600mm hydrostatic rating (it can handle up to a 600mm column of water without leaking). Also, it has H2O block technology, which is responsible for a major part of the waterproofing, as it can prevent the water from getting inside the tent through the seams.

In addition to this technology, Core 6 person instant cabin tent seams, windows and doors were made in a way that keeps water away.

This tent has fourteen stakes of steel, each stake is about 7” long.

The packed tent weight is about 23 pounds (nearly 10.4 Kg), and its package size is 8.25 x 8.25 x 48 inches (after you set the tent up, its size will be 132 x 108 x 72 inches.

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review Concerning Stability:

6 person cabin tent

This tent is very strong and stable as it only moves slightly in windy weather, but – of course – you will need to establish it with the stakes.

The tent has a tough structure that would help keep it stable. With the help of the steel telescopic poles, CORE 6 tent is going to be stable and you don’t have to worry at a windy night.

It has minimal needed stakes. This is common in the industry as the companies tend to lower the price of tents by decreasing the number of stakes without making them unusable.

Fresh Air:

core 6 person tent

If you have been suffering from the water drops that come from the roof because of your breathing all over the night, don’t worry! This tent will solve the problem.

Core 6 person instant cabin tent has a lot of opening to help ventilation, as it has a large door with wide windows. In addition, it comes with a modern design that includes floor vents.


We talked before about H2O technology and the strong fabrics, but the tent is not a 100% waterproofed.

This is because of the absence of a vestibule. In rainy weather, the water can get into the tent through the door, you may be asking, how to avoid such a situation? Firstly, it’s better to choose a calm day to camp on, but take an awning with you to prevent water from getting in, in case you faced unexpected rainy weather.

Tent Capacity!

According to its name, 6 persons can get into the tent, that’s right, but this will make them uncomfortable, as they won’t find a space to put their stuff in the tent and they won’t have the needed privacy.

We recommend taking only 3 persons with you (4 in total) as this will allow you all to sleep comfortably with the ability to stretch out and you will have needed space to put your belongings near you.

Easy To Use!

Most of the users found this tent very easy to set up (even kids can set it up without parents’ help).

CORE inc. announced that you can set the core 6 person cabin tent in only 60 seconds, and they weren’t lying.

But you may not be able to set the tent up in 60 seconds from the first try.

This is a 3-season tent. Bringing an awning will make it usable in Winter.

In Monsoon, it’s better to get another tent, that’s specialized for such purpose, as the core 6 tent isn’t the best tent to face the winds.

In addition, there is a hook attached to the ceiling which is used to hold your lantern.

The tent has some pockets attached to the wall, you can use them to store your small stuff and make them accessible easily.

The tent has also a port for electricity or an extension cord.

  • You can set it up in a single minute.
  • Affordable.
  • Its weight is within the average for such size.
  • It has a lot of facilities.
  • It has a rainfly.
  • The tent provides good ventilation.
  • Very comfortable.
  • It doesn’t have a vestibule.
  • It has only one door.
  • A few users still can’t set it up smoothly.


This CORE 6 person instant cabin tent review is more than enough for you to know the features and the abilities of the tent.

Now, you can decide based on your knowledge, whether it worths buying or not.

What Do You Like About The Core 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent? And What Do You Dislike About It? Tell Us In The Comments!

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