How to Make Tents

If you are planning on camping, you might need to learn how to make tents at first. This could be very beneficial for you, as it would be like your home which would protect you from insects and animals as well as you would sleep in it.

It has more benefits than you would ever think of. For example, if the weather was rainy, this tent would protect your things. So, let’s see how could you easily make a tent.

1- Prepare The Needed Materials!

Making a portable tent won’t need a lot of work nor materials, you will have to get:

  • Thick rope.
  • Two fabrics.
  • 4 stakes.

Two large wooden poles (may not be needed).

How to Create an Indoor Tent

2- Choose The Right Place!

The best place to make your tent is between two strong trees. Choose two nearby trees with enough distance in between to tie the rope tightly.

Lower places are warmer than elevated places, but avoid the former when there are rains, as the water will collect under your tent.

Don’t Forget! It’s better to make a tent on a little wet ground as this would keep the dust away and would strengthen the adherence between your stakes and the gound.

3- Tie The Rope!

Tie the thick rope to the nearby 2 trees (one end to each tree). Twist the rope more than once around a tree then make a strong knot, then do the same to the other tree.

Make sure the rope is taut well. This would prevent your tent wall from collapsing.

4- Prepare The Ground!

Take a look at the ground where you are going to make your tent and make sure it’s clean.

If it wasn’t, start removing rocks, tree branches, or any obstacle that would harm your foot or your tent.

5- Make The Tent Floor!

Put one of the fabrics on the ground below the thick rope.

Make sure you have removed the fabric creases. And move it until its center is exactly below the rope.

6- Establish The Fabrics!

Some fabrics are specific for making tents as they have holes in the four corners. If yours has so, then start establishing it by putting the stakes into the holes but don’t push the stake so deep into the ground as you are going to take them off in one of the following steps.

Other fabrics don’t have these holes, so you will have to make the holes by yourself.

You can establish the fabric without any holes by using a large rock at every corner.

7- Build The Walls!

Put the second fabric over the tied thick rope by making half of its length on each side, then pull it down to match its holes (or corners) with the corners of the fabric on the ground.

If you find that it’s hard to match them, consider lowering down the level of tied rope.

8- Establish The Walls!

Do the same thing you did to the first fabric.

If you have established the first fabric with 4 stakes, then remove a stake from one corner and hammer it deeply into the ground to secure both fabrics. Do the same at corner 2, 3 and 4.

If you have established the ground one with rocks, then elevate a rock and put the second fabric corner below it, then do the same at every corner.

9- Make A Waterproof Ground!

If it’s raining and you are worried about getting wet, you can use the available materials around you to make a small wall (by rocks or tree branches) surrounding your tent or just use a waterproofing tent.

Still wet? It’s better for you to trench around the tent. Increase the width and length of the trench according to how heavy the rains are.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I Make A Tent With Only One Large Fabric?

Yes, put one end of the fabric on the ground below the rope (make it cross the rope with half of the length of the needed floor) and establish its two corners with stakes (or rocks). Put two stakes at the other two corners of the floor (calculate the length of the needed floor and put the stakes away from the end of fabrics by the same distance).
Hang the rest of the fabric over the rope and pull it tightly, then establish it to the 1st two stakes you put (or just near them but to the external part of the tent).

Can I Make A Tent With Only One Tree?

Yes, you can replace a tree with a long pole or a short pole. And you can make it without any trees at all (but we will need two strong poles instead).

How To Make Stakes?

If you didn’t bring stakes with you, you can make them from tree branches.
Choose a suitable size (slightly larger than the holes), and use a knife to make them fit the holes perfectly (If needed).


Knowing how to make tents could be very useful for you, especially if you are planning to go on a camping trip.

Just follow the above steps and you will be able to make a tent with common materials.

Do You Have a Better Way To Make A Tent? Tell Us In The Comments!

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