How To Clean A Camping Tent

Going outdoor to camping may be necessary during summer as it’s very hot at home and most of us would like to breathe some fresh air.

But going out there with your camping tent will definitely result in a dirty tent.

Cleaning tents could be a bit challenging as it can’t be washed simply in the washing machine, that’s why campers should know how to clean a camping tent and this process can be done with little effort, just follow these steps!?

1- Make The Task Easier

how to clean a tent

You can start cleaning your tent from the site of camping, this doesn’t mean that you will take the cleaning stuff with you, only a broom will do the job.

You have to clean the ground beneath your camping tent, use the broom to remove the large rocks or masses of mud.

It’s better for your tent to make this step every time you go camping, as it prevents some serious damage to the floor of the tent.

Don’t forget to let your shoes outside the tent because they will put specks of dirt in the tent, which will be very hard to remove.

This step isn’t necessary to clean the tent, but it will make the process much easier for you.

2- Buy Cleaning Supplies

how to wash a tent

Don’t put your tent inside the washing machine under any circumstances because this step may ruin the tent.

Cleaning a camping tent have to be done with your hands and you can make use of some common material.

You should buy the following material:


You will need a specific type of soap to clean your tent, we prefer the odorless harmless soap.
The camping tents are usually made from thin materials, that’s why you have to use a harmless soap because the regular soap will make the tent wear out.

Sponge or Soft Cleaning Cloth:

Hard clothes may damage the fabrics of the tent as they are usually thin.
That’s why a sponge or soft clothes will solve the problem because of their ability to clean the hard stains without harming the fabrics of the tent.

Soft Brush:

This brush is needed to clean the hidden areas (zippers, corners, etc), but be careful! Don’t use it only during the whole process as it may puncture the tent if you misused it or overused it.
This tool can be used to make some soft frictions to the tent fabrics in order to remove a mud stain.
If you aren’t planning on buying a new one, you can use a used toothbrush instead.

Odor Eliminator:

You may feel discomfort if there is a bad odor in your tent and you may ask yourself, how could you get rid of this odor? Fortunately, you can use an odor eliminator and dilute it with water, then leave your tent for a while into this sol.

3- Clean Your Camping Tent

washing a tent

Cleaning a tent is a bit different from cleaning your clothes, as you may put the latter into the washing machine or just soak them into water plus soap, but these methods won’t effective with tents.

We already told you about the issues of the washing machine, but why is it wrong to soak them into water and soap? Because this will result in wearing out the tent fabrics and it will ruin your tent waterproof layer.

To get the best result, follow these steps:

  1. Put your tent on the ground but don’t set it up, just keep it flat.
    This step will allow you to locate every stain or spot that should be cleaned carefully.
  2. Dilute the odorless soup with water, then put the sponge or the cleaning cloths into the sol.
    Use the sponge to eliminate the stains you found from step 1, but avoid rubbing the tend very harsh.
  3. Keep rubbing the stains gently until you are happy with the results, then use some warm water to remove the soap sol.
    This step should be done with each spot.
  4. Bring your cleaning brush (or toothbrush) and soak it into some warm water, then use it to remove any dust that disables your tent zippers from working smoothly.
    If this way didn’t solve the problem, then you can use the water-soap sol to remove any remaining dust.
  5. Wash the rest of the tent using the sponge and the water and soap sol. Rub the rest of the tent very lightly.
  6. Dilute the odor eliminator with warm water, and soak your tent into the solution for a short period according to the instructions on the bottle (Check every 10 minutes until the tent odor turns good).
  7. Dry the tent under the sunlight, and don’t use or store the tent until it’s completely dry.

Notice! If you found a resistant spot of dirt, you can use some alcohol as it works better with the oily stains.


Nobody would like to camp in a dirty tent, would they? That’s why you should learn how to clean a camping tent and this can be done by following the previous steps.

Be careful as dirt might result in a worn-out tent very quickly.

Did You Use Another Way To Clean Your Tent? Tell Us In The Comments!


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