How To Hold Down A Canopy Tent On Concrete

How To Hold Down A Canopy Tent On Concrete

Due to their design and shape, canopy tents (also called gazebos) are top heavy and will easily get caught by the wind. Usually this is no problem, as they can be anchored into the grass or dirt. But how about if they need to be set up on a concrete surface? If this is the problem you find yourself facing, don’t worry, we have the solution.

There are numerous situations where a canopy tent could be useful but it’s not always practical to use one as there are no suitable means of securing it to the ground. That’s where this article comes in useful, read on for the top ways to hold down a canopy tent on concrete.

How Much Weight Do You Need To Secure The Canopy?

The amount of weight you’ll need to secure the canopy varies but we have found 40 to 50lb to be more than sufficient especially if you’re securing all four corners and centrally securing as well.

Use Weight Bags For Tents

So simple to use, you just fill them with sand or soil and attach them to the canopy frame. Be sure to get the correct bags for the size of the canopy tent you have. They should have enough weight to prevent the canopy from moving at all in the wind. In the specs that came with the canopy will be the weight of the canopy, just ensure that the bags you buy are of a suitable size.

Use Plastic Buckets

A quick and easy solution is to attach plastic buckets to the canopy tent frame and fill them with either soil, sand, gravel or water. These will work in exactly the same way as the weight bags. You will need differing amounts for each filler used.

Filler UsedAmount (per bucket)
WaterFill bucket to the top
SandFill to around the ⅔ mark
SoilFill to around the ¾ mark
GravelFill to around the ½ way mark

Use Exercise Disc Weights

Constructed from either plastic filled with concrete or metal, exercise weights make a perfect temporary solution for holding the canopy tent in place. Just tie the equivalent of around 40lbs in weight to each pole of the frame and also to any guy ropes the canopy has.

Use Cement Filled Buckets


So far all of the solutions have been temporary methods, but if you’re going to use the canopy tent on a concrete base regularly it makes sense to create something more permanent. Fill some buckets with a mixture of ready mix concrete and water. Postcrete is ideal for this. 

Allow to set and then tie ropes to the bucket handles and attach to the canopy frame, or alternatively, once the concrete has set, drill a hole in the middle of the concrete and attach a concrete anchor plug then screw an eye bolt into the anchor plug.Tie the rope into the eyebolt and secure to the canopy frame as above.

Use Cinder Blocks

The average weight of a cinder block is around 28lb which makes them ideal to use as weights for the tent canopy. Just tie rope around the block and attach the rope to the canopy frame. If you decide to attach the cinder block to the leg of the frame be sure to tie the rope around the leg and the frame to distribute the weight evenly.

Use PVC Piping (Drain Pipe)

To make permanent weights for the tent canopy, drill a hole into the end of a PVC pipe cap and attach an eyebolt using a nut either side of the cap to secure the bolt in place. Then stick the cap to the PVC pipe using a strong adhesive (super glue or similar). Using some ready-mix concrete, make up according to the instructions on the bag and pour into the pipes. Once fully dried, glue pipe caps to the other end. These can now be attached to the canopy frame and legs using rope.

Use Naturally Occurring Weights

If the area isn’t concrete but is too hard to use tent pegs or stakes, there might be rocks or boulders available that you can tie the canopy ropes too. Alternately, use any logs or even trees that happen to be around.

How To Secure A Canopy To A Concrete Driveway Permanently

If you intend using a canopy tent regularly on your driveway, you might want to attach it permanently. This will prevent your canopy becoming your neighbours canopy and save you having to worry about the canopy or constantly having to check on it.

Use Concrete Frame Fixing Screws

If the canopy is going to be used as a permanent fixture on your driveway, you can use special screws. These concrete frame fixing screws are used in the construction industry and need no rawl plugs or fixing bolts. You simply drill the holes in the correct places on the concrete, align the holes in the canopy frame to the holes you just drilled, and screw directly into the concrete.

Use Concrete Fixing Bolts

You can achieve the same result using specialist fixing bolts that need to be set in holes previously drilled into the concrete. You then align the frame over these holes and bolt the frame to the concrete via the fixing bolts.

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