How To Hold Down A Canopy Tent On Concrete

Holding down your canopy tent might be simple and easy in general, but if you want to hold it down strictly on concrete, you will have to do some preparations first.

We are going to teach you how to hold down a canopy tent on concrete with very common materials, just follow the following simple steps!

1- Use Tent Weight Bags

how to anchor a canopy on concrete

You can buy pre-made bags which are made specifically for canopy tents.

This option can save a lot of time when compared to the home-made materials, all you have to do is just fill the bags with concrete and use them to establish a tent.

Make sure that the full bag will be enough to establish your tent. Check the weight of the full bag (written on the bag) and compare it with the needed weight for the intended use (for example, a festival).

2- Use Cinder Blocks

diy canopy weights

The weight of a cinder block is around 13 kilograms, that’s why you can use them as alternatives to tent weight bags.

You can tie a block with the corner of the fabric of a canopy tent, or you can hold down the pole of the tent into a block.

Make sure that the region where you are using these blocks allows using them in the streets, as some regions disallow using them because they may cause some issues to the passerby.

They are very suitable for houses as you can use them freely to hold down a tent on your roof or garden.

3- Bring Big Buckets

This is the first step to make your concrete weight at home.

You can use any bucket at your home, but it’s recommended to be about 19 or 20 liters size.

The advantage of this method over the others is that you take the material one by one (without carrying any heavy objects) and make the weight near the tent.

It’s the best method in places where you can easily find sand and water.

If you need the better attachment, use a bucket with a handle, as you can just tie the rope to the handle after making the bucket heavy.

4- Fill The Bucket

The maximum weight you will ever use for each leg of the tent is 18 kilograms. What does this mean? It means that you have to fill the bucket with 18 kilograms of any available material.

If you are going to use water, you have to fill almost the whole bucket (the full bucket of water = 19 or 20 kg).

But if you going to use sand instead, then the needed size is two-thirds of the buckets (the full bucket of sand = 27-30 kg).

Can I use gravels? Of course, you will need only half of the bucket (as the full bucket of gravels = 35-40 kg).

5- Make The Concrete

Do this step if you need to make a permanent weight!

Bring dry cement and mix it with half its weight of sand (2:1 cement to sand OR according to the written instructions on the cement bag) till you fill ½ of the bucket.

This step is hardly reversible, so you have a permanent weight (kind of a home-made cinder block) to establish your tent wherever you need.

6- Hold Down A Canopy Tent

Now, you can hold down a canopy tent on the bucket of concrete by one of the following methods:

  • Use a rope with a bungee clip at one end (attach it to the handle of the bucket) and attach the other end to the top of one corner of the tent.
  • If the bucket is handle-free, tie a rope around the bucket with a strong knot and attach the other end of the rope to the top corner of the tent.

When attaching the rope to the top corner of the tent, make sure you tied it near the leg. For the better establishment, use another rope to attach the bucket to the legs of the tent. This last step can prevent the tent from falling or collapsing.


If you are looking forward to establishing your tent tightly, then you can follow the steps of one of our options to learn how to hold down a canopy tent on concrete.

Do You Have Another Idea To Hold Down The Canopy Tent? Share Your Ideas With Us In The Comments!

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