How To Choose A Tent

Camping could be a really fun and exciting adventure or a terrible experience that you would never want to repeat.

What determines how your camping is going to be? Your tent. 

Choosing a tent is the most important step of camping. Your tent could shield you from any harm or cause you to suffer. 

Here is what you need to consider before buying a tent.  

1. Number of People Using the Tent

choosing a tent

The size of the tent you go for depends on the number and height of people who will be using it and the number of things you will store in it. 

It is very important to know that a four-man tent means that four people would be a tight fit. So normally, you can buy it if you need it for three people, but it would definitely be better if it is only for two.

The height of the people is a crucial factor to consider because they would not love to be curled up like a ball during their sleep time.

It is better to make sure that there are 30 square feet (2.8 square meters) of space per person. 

The bigger the tent, the bigger the campsite you will need.

2. Easy to Set Up

You need to buy a tent that does not require a lot of time to set it up. You do not want to spend hours of camping just trying to set it up.

3. Weight

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You definitely do not need the weight of your tent to hold you back from getting the full experience of camping/hiking. 

If you are car camping, you need to assess how much weight you are going to be able to carry to the top of your car and from your car to the camping site.

And if you are hiking, you definitely need a very light hiking tent to carry on your back without suffering from severe back pain afterward. 

Given the above, the lighter the tent, the more it costs.

4. Ventilation

how to choose a camping tent

Waking up with damp clothes, floor, and walls could be one of the worst ways to wake up during camping. This is why you need to make sure that the tent you are going to buy has mesh panels on the ceiling, doors, or windows with the rain fly on.  

Moreover, ventilation is always of paramount importance, but it is even more important in summer because -and believe me- you will not like to be trapped in a stuffy enclosed tent with too much heat and no fresh air to make it up to you.

5. Flooring

tents for camping

It is always safer to buy a groundsheet (a piece of fabric that goes under your tent) to protect the floor of your tent from wear and tear and to protect you from any poor weather seeping into your tent. 

A groundsheet is highly important if you are going to place your tent on a damp site because it will prevent condensation from forming.

It also protects the tent floor from getting torn by rocks. 

While it may seem like a thrifty option at the time, buying a cheap tent can lead to rainwater getting into the tent and ruining your valuables.


Buying an expensive tent might seem absurd to you, but you need to know that cheap tents are cheap for a reason.

Buying a cheap tent will most probably cost you more in the long run. You need to buy a tent that will shield you from misery during bad weather, and that will allow you to actually enjoy camping no matter where you decide to set camp. 

Whenever you find a cheap tent, try to discover why it is so cheap, and if the reasons do not make a difference to you, then it is okay, go for it. 

Yet, if the reasons you find out are concerning, just wait and get a high-quality tent even if you need to wait for the discount season. 


A Backpacking Tent

Usually suitable for sheltering one person because this type of tent prioritizes lightweight and packability oversize. 

A Four-Season Tent

This is the most suitable tent for camping in winter. Its name gives the impression that it is for all seasons, but it is made specifically for winter weather.

 It is made of strong material that can handle extreme weather, and you can close all the ventilation in the tent.

 A Family Tent

You can get this type if you are camping with a lot of people, with your family or if you will drive your way to the campsite. 

The tent has tall walls and multiple rooms that will definitely make your stay more comfortable. 

A Three-Season Tent

Can you not choose a certain type of tent to buy? Afraid of buying a tent that is not suitable and worried, you would ruin the trip for all your loved ones? Then going for this one is a safe choice. 

The three-season tent fits most camping needs. It provides ventilation in the summer heat. Its roof is specifically designed to keep out rain and is equipped to handle the weather in spring, summer, and fall.

Do not buy it if you will camp during winter, though. 

8. Zippers 

Get a tent with durable zippers. If its zippers are similar to those of your pants, they are most probably not durable and will break at some point.

 Having strong zippers is as crucial as choosing a tent with good material.

9. Tent Material 

You have to look for good material. Tents with thin material are definitely not worth your money. 

Tents are typically made of nylon, polyester, cotton canvas, or polycotton, which are all fine, but buying a tent made of high-denier ripstop-nylon fabric is all the better because it is strong, has a lightweight, and is water-resistant. 

It is also advisable to buy tents with aluminum tent poles because they are strong and durable. They are a bit heavy, though.

10. Single Wall/ Double Wall Tents

A single-wall tent is a tent with one layer of fabric to protect it from wind and rain; whereas, double-wall tents have two layers of fabric for protection. 

Single wall tents are easier and quicker to set up. They are also lighter and easier to set up during a blizzard or on the side of a mountain.

One of its disadvantages is more condensation inside the tent and not enough protected gear storage. 

Double-wall tents guarantee that the inside of the tent will be dry. They also have multiple doors. 

The bad thing is they are relatively heavy. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing a suitable tent is going to determine how much you are going to enjoy your trip.

You should make sure you consider the above-mentioned points, and then you will be good to go. 

Have a nice trip!

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