How to stay warm in a tent?

Camping in cold weather might be very challenging as this weather may lead to canceling the whole trip.

But if you only know how to stay warm in a tent, then it won’t be a problem anymore and you would be able to plan on camping, even in the winter.

Here are the tips and tricks that would make you feel warmer without so much effort.

1- Do a Preventive Technique!

how to stay warm in a tent

Keeping yourself ready for any decrease to the temperature is your best way to avoid getting cold.

As if you assume that you are going to face cold weather, you will bring the needed material from home, like a thick cover and hot water.

Most campers forget to check the temperature at night in their destination, this can lead to a major problem if you aren’t well-prepared.

So, the best advice is to make sure that you have packed the needed things from home to make you warm in a tent.

2- Hot Water Bottles!

Source of hot air

You may be familiar with this method because it’s popular in regular houses as well.

Don’t go to your sleeping bag in your tent without boiling some water on the camp-fire and fill a bottle with them to keep your sleeping bag warm for you.

If you don’t have a lot of time before sleeping, just put a couple of hot water bottles into your sleeping bag 15 minutes before going to sleep, this would make the bag warm and ready for you.

Would this method last till the morning? Of course not, you have to take a hot water bottle and put it between your leg, and another one on your abdomen, this would keep you warm till the morning.

3 –Specify Clothes For Sleep!

Eating fatty meals

Being outside in the wilderness can be extremely tiring, this would probably result in making your clothes full of sweat. That’s why you shouldn’t go to sleep with the same clothes you wore the whole day.

You won’t be happy with your wet sleeping bag as it’s going to give you a very cold night and the process of drying your sleeping bag is much harder than changing your clothes.

Specifying comfortable clothes for sleeping would help a lot in keeping you warm in your tent.

4- Don’t Wear Wet Clothes

Wears socks and a warm hat

Slightly wet clothes would be enough to make you very cold at night, especially out there in a tent.

Your sleeping clothes should be made from wool as it can keep your body warm and it’s harder to get wet.

Clothes made from synthetics have the same criteria of the woolen clothes that would make them suitable for sleeping.

5- Choose Your Sleeping Bag

Keep your clothes warm

When you buy a sleeping bag, you will see the degree of temperature ratings.

If you picked your bag according to this rating, you may be warm and fine, but you will still be at the risk of being cold, as these numbers aren’t that accurate.

Look! You will have to pick a sleeping bag that’s suitable for 10 degrees below the lowest temperature in your camping area. By doing this you will definitely be warm in this bag.

6- Sleep In Your Clothes

sleeping bag

Some people will advise you (if they didn’t already) to sleep naked to stay warm, well, this is a myth.

You won’t be warm by removing some clothing, actually by this you are going to be cold.

Their theory is focusing on keeping you dry (as you don’t have clothes to hold your sweat) during sleep, and even if their theory has some logic, it’s totally wrong.

A lot of expert campers tried this method themselves, and they found that it’s not helping at all and it makes things worse.

7- Camp With More People!

Even if camping alone is very interesting, it would be much warmer at night if you have more people in the same tent.

This method depends on the size of the tent as well.

For example, if 4 people were camping in a 4-person tent they will be warmer than 4 persons camping in a 5-person tent, and so on.

So, it’s better to take the maximum number of people in the same tent with you in order to keep the temperature higher quickly.

8- Do Exercise

Before getting into your sleeping bag, do a few push-ups to refresh your circulation.

This step can be done before even wearing your sleeping clothes.

Don’t do too much! This will make you sweat and would result in getting your clothes and body wet.


Camping is an interesting hobby and you shouldn’t stop doing it due to the cold weather.

Just learn how to stay warm in a tent with our simple ways and you won’t complain of the low temperature anymore.

Do You Know Other Tips To Stay Warm In The Tent? Share Your Experience With Us In The Comments!

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